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Welcome to the International Resilience Research Network website

Resilience is becoming increasingly recognized among scholars, policymakers, and citizens alike as an important component in communities across the globe. All areas of the world have faced different kinds of catastrophic events, allowing communities to build a history and lessons learned portfolio, additionally creating an avenue to build a more resilient nation. As globalization isrooting itself deeper into the foundation of the world, communities and countries are becoming increasingly interdependent. A community is no longer as resilient as itself, a community is now as resilient as those it is dependent.

International Resilience Research Network

The International Resilience Research Network is designed to encourage and provide collaboration of the brightest individuals in the world in regards to building a resilient society.

The Symposium proceedings, ongoing research, and the engagement of the expanded International Resilience Research Network (IRRN) will consider various types of resilience and the interrelationships between them, specifically focused on developing policy recommendations for all levels of government that can help develop or improve societal resilience. Please continue to visit the Symposium website for updates on when the proceedings will be published (anticipated Fall 2011) and announcements for the 2012 International Symposium on Societal Resilience. The symposia are designed to allow the most distinguished experts in the field of societal resilience to present their findings to other academics, policymakers, and those interested in resilience.

IRRN Goals
To enhance global collaboration in
resilience research and best practice
To increase awareness of the impact
of resilient communities

Symposia on Societal Resilience

The International Symposia on Societal Resilience are designed to organize esteemed researchers, policymakers and academics to provide information so that nations can come together, learning from one another as resilience becomes increasingly important across the international community.

As the first of its kind, the 2010 Symposium hosted over 100 participants from nine countries and 29 speakers and presenters. The Symposium achieved its main goal of attracting domestic and international stakeholders to dialogue and share research in the field of societal resilience. The program offered panels covering a variety of topics with distinguished speakers and interactive break-out sessions that included presentations regarding emerging issues in resilience and homeland security. The major themes for the plenary sessions examined historical, sociological, psychological, philosophical, cultural, organizational, and political perspectives of resilience.

2012 Symposium on Societal Resilience

The planning process has begun for the 2012 symposium. If you are interested in presenting please email

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